It is with regret and an abundance of caution and concern for the athletes, coaches and families in our curling community that we announce today our intention to postpone the Stu Sells Junior events scheduled to start on December 4th (U21 Tankard) and January 1st (U18 Tankard).

As you all know, the Province is experiencing unprecedented new challenges with fighting the effects of the COVID pandemic causing many regions across the province to implement stricter protocols to try and combat the spread of the virus. Recently, the host club for the re-scheduled U21 and U18 Tankards, the KW Granite Club, was moved to a protocol that does not allow for an event to be operated under the current system. Options to relocate and reschedule the events were presented to our event committee that would have allowed us to continue to operate in an environment that complies with the provincial guidelines but we feel at this time, and in the best interests of the community we serve and at-large, that we should not proceed.

Instead of announcing new dates or locations or even an outright cancellation for this season, we have elected to wait for a time in the New Year to decide if the event can be rescheduled which remains our intention. We will continue to monitor the situation and explore options that are available to us. With that being said, we will be issuing refunds to all registered teams so they can proceed with plans that best suit their own situations. We will re-open the registration process in the New Year if we are able to offer the events.

We would like to thank Matt Wilkinson, the staff and members of the KW Granite Club for their leadership in being able to operate an environment that has allowed for events to operate safely and successfully as the Stu Sells Oakville and Toronto Tankards did earlier in the fall and for offering us the opportunity to run these two important junior events this calendar year.

If you should have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.